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In a medical emergency, Excalmed Medical Response is only a phone call away for rapid and immediate medical response. A patient would call the control room and once they have been alerted, a medical response unit is immediately despatched to their property. Since the medical response units are area bound, the reaction time is fast. We at Excalmed in association with Emer-G-Med pride ourselves in excellent customer service. We have a fleet of BMW response cars fitted with GPS navigation systems in order to equip our paramedics to deliver an even faster and more professional service to our valued clients.


How we work

Our Vision Statement

Excalmed in association with Emer-G-Med strives to provide the very best Paramedic service to our clients, with integrity and impeccability, 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We acknowledge that our staff is the key to the success of our business, the chain being only as strong as the weakest link. We endevour to treat them with the respect they deserve and support them totally in performing their duties and responsibilities. Every member of our company is 100% committed to the statement and to our motto: " WE SAVE LIVES"

Who is Excalmed?

Mission Statement


"To Save Lives"


Excalmed Medical Response which was  founded in April 1999, in association with Emer-G-Med, is the premier medical response company on the East Rand. Our company provides a Premier Primary Response service throughout our area of operation.This is achieved with the use of fully equipped vehicles and highly trained paramedics who are area bound to ensure fast reaction times. Our paramedics stabilise the patient in those first critical minutes. The first hour after a medical emergency is the most critical - the care a patient receives in this "Golden hour" usually has more impact on survival and the extent of long term injuries than any other stage of the emergency. This allows us to fulfil our vision “ TO SAVE LIVES”.

Excalmed National Service, in association with Emer-G-Med, is achieved by a network which combines the expertise of a national grouping of emergency service providers including a modern road ambulance fleet, response vehicles and "On demand" access to fixed wingaircraft and helicopter air ambulance services which is offered nationwide to individuals and corporate clients.This partnership has developed over the past 12 years and we now deliver a Premier Primary Response service tto over 100 000 satisfied clients.