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Trauma Categories

Rape, Hi-jacking,Child/Woman abuse, Natural disaster, Death, Armed robbery, Car accident, Kidnapping/abuduction, Fire, Violent assault and Industrial accidents.

By making one call, you can arrange immediate 24 hour tele-counselling or face-to-face trauma counselling if required.

The counselling service covers the member and his/her immediate family on the property. For up to two free face to face counselling sessions per trauma event.

Incident Flow

The Trauma patient will be called by the on duty Trauma co-ordinator

The Trauma co-ordinator gets relevant details from the patient and redirects the call to the on duty Trauma Counsellor in the area.

The Trauma Counsellor calls the patient and starts immediate tele-counselling. If required, face-to-face counselling is arranged with the patient at their home or premises.

24 Hour Trauma Counselling