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With today's hectic lifestyle, do we stop to consider who will help us in times of dire need? With the current technology available, we often assume that when we require emergency medical help, it will be at the other end of a phone call.Yet when that help is needed, who does one call? How do you know that medical help will be at your doorstepin 10 minutes? What if you are unable to make the call? Do you know if you are getting the highest qualified medical assistants / assistance to help you, especially in a life threateningsituation? Choosing the right service provider can be made much simpler by knowing what questions to ask.

What to look for in an Emergency Medical Service

What to look for in an Emergency Medical Service

  1. How many vehicles do they have?
  2.  What is the age of the fleet?
  3. Are vehicles sign written for easy identification?
  4. Are the vehicles registered as emergency vehicles?
  5. What medical equipment do they carry?

Paramedics who needs them?

Public Liability

Does the service have appropriate Public Liability and medical malpractice insurance cover?


Reputation and Reliability

Check the history of your service provider. Ask people who have used the service in your area. Check how many vehicles are dedicated to your area.



Service Provider Emer-G-Med

Every professional Emergency Medical Service should have a back-up or alternative service provider in the event of them, for some reason, not be able to service the call themselves.At Excalmed, we are working harder than ever to meet the needs of our customers. The desperate need for a fast and reliable medical emergency response structure in the area has prompted us to join forces with Emer-G-Med in June 2011, to create a unique and innovative new life saving service - Excalmed Medical Response in association with Emer-G-Med.