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Trauma Counselling

Trauma Categories

Rape, Hi-jacking,Child/Woman abuse, Natural disaster, Death, Armed robbery, Car accident, Kidnapping/abuduction, Fire, Violent assault and Industrial accidents.

By making one call, you can arrange immediate 24 hour tele-counselling or face-to-face trauma counselling if required.

The counselling service covers the member and his/her immediate family on the property. For up to two free face -to- face counselling sessions.

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Emergency Medical Response Services

“How we work”

In a medical emergency, Excalmed Medical Response in association with Emer- G -Med, is only a phone call away for immediate response and assistance.

We are committed towards sustainable growth and continual improvement in the interest of all your stakeholders (including the community and your customers)


The medical response service of Excalmed in association with Emer-G- Med , is not available to the general public. Our Emergency Number is not advertised on radio, TV or in  the media. Our Emergency Number is exclusively for our contracted clients. Our clients all sign a month  to month contract with us, for a nominal monthly subscription fee, which entitles them to be privy to our Emergency Number, which they  call in case of a medical emergency occurring on their premises.

Excalmed  have a team of professional highly trained Sales Executives, that will meet with you face to face at your convenience to explain the services that Excalmed offer to their valued clients, and complete all the necessary paper work to enable you to become an exclusive client of Excalmed. Being an Excalmed client , you are  therefore guaranteed of a premier medical  response service to your premises, in case of any medical emergency, big or small.

no red tape, no authorisation required...

One Call...

With today's hectic lifestyle, do we stop to consider who will help us in times of dire need? With the current technology available, we often assume that when we require emergency medical help, it will be at the other end of a phone call.Yet when that help is needed, who does one call?

What we do...

Rapid response to medical emergencies.

Highly trained and fully equipped paramedics.   

Fast reaction to sta bilise the patient in the first critical minutes.

No red tape, no authorisation required.  

Advanced life support equipment included in the price.  

Service available to anyone on your property at the time of the emergency.